Friday Night Plights

I sit here on a Friday night, a quarter past 8, with no plans and no clue as what I should or even could do tonight. It’s not that I am sad or friendless or bored. I know there are options – the problem is all the options I can think of involve drinking. And I don’t feel like drinking tonight. And my girlfriend is out of town, so spending the night in doesn’t sound too enticing. I’m actually dumbfounded by my lack of ideas for ways to spend a Friday night without consuming alcohol. I thought that maybe I had come to the realization that I am a full blown alcoholic and couldn’t have even a notion of fun without immediately turning to alcohol so I phoned my friend and explained my dilemma. I was surprised that he was in the same spot. Relieved that someone who does not drink all that much felt the same way, but surprised nonetheless. So, we went over our options:

Go to a movie: Something you really have to be in the mood for, especially when you are going with a buddy.

Go for a walk: It’s a beautiful night. There are plenty of great places in the city to walk around. But walking around will just lead to walking into a bar because all the bars will be open and packed with people, and no doubt we will see others walking to their destination (most likely a bar or a friend’s party) and think, “well, that looks like fun. Let’s just drink.”

Go listen to some live music: Live music is fantastic, but it doesn’t have the same feel without a beer in hand, and even if I resisted buying a beer, I’d be surrounded by people dancing, drinking, and ordering drinks. Also, there’s a $10 cover and if the music sucks, I’ll want to make the trip worth it so I’ll feel obliged to get at least one drink.

So what am I to do? Obviously, my first option is to stop whining and just go out but choose not to drink. Well, that’s the only option really, so off I go!